Is it really the end of July already?  And we haven’t updated this blog in over a month?!

BAD BLOGGERS.  BAD, BAD US.  Sorry chaps.

Of course, it’s not because we haven’t been doing anything, although I must say that recent spate of lovely hot weather blindsided me somewhat.  Amongst other things, I have been making a few quilts myself, one of which is currently in the window of our local toyshop in Marsden, The Magic Box.

You can see a photo here, where it’s waiting to keep a lovely fluffy teddybear’s knees warm, in case the sun goes behind a cloud…  hee hee!Image

It uses our “Out to Sea” range which is still on sale at our online shop, if you fancy making your own.

We’re also planning another pop-up shop in August, at the Marsden Mechanics Hall as usual.  If you want to keep up to date with our shops, we always announce them here on the blog, and on our Twitter feed, and on our Facebook page, and by email to everyone on our mailing list. (which you can join by dropping us a line at info@materialgoodsonline.co.uk )

Not so much “belt and braces” as “belt, braces, several bits of string and some staples”, but we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out!  See you next time,



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Shop Time Again

It’s on Thursday 20th June, from 5pm – 8pm, at the Marsden Mechanic’s hall.  See you there!


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Pattern Weights!



Here’s a quick little crafty make for any scraps of favourite fabric you have hoarded – pattern weights!  As you can see they’re very handy things for keeping your patterns flat as you lay out each piece and making sure you’re getting the most efficient layout from your fabric.

So!  Here’s what I used:

ingredientsI’ve seen lots of tutorials online for circular pattern-weights using washers, and that’s what I was expecting to make myself.  However to my delight, at our local B&Q, the biggest, heaviest washers I could find were these 2″ square ones – much easier to cover!  I found two together made a nice solid weight.

I cut out some fabric strips about 6″ by 3″, and some scraps of wadding about 5.5″ by 2.5″.  I used wadding to give the weights a nice feel and stop them clinking.  First I folded the fabric over the wadding at the short ends and fastened it down with a running stitch, then I folded the strips right-sides together and sewed a 1/4″ seam each side, to make a sort of pocket.  You can see one in the bottom-middle  of the picture above.  I also trimmed 45° off my corners to neaten them when they were turned right-sides-out.

I turned them right-sides-out and slipped two little weights into each one, like so:



Don’t they look nice and snuggly?

I whip-stitched the top of the weights closed neatly, and then, just as a finishing touch, I decided to unpick the first bit of stitching – the bit securing the fabric over the wadding at the ends – just to make them look a bit neater, like this:

finishing touch


And here they are, sweet and sunny for cheering me up as I attempt, for the second time, to successfully cut out a skirt in our lovely summery new Indie Chic range… I’ll keep you posted on how that works out…



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Saturday Shop!

Wow, well we hope today is as beautiful with you as it is here! The sun is shining, tomorrow is Saturday, AND we’re having another pop-up shop at the Marsden mechanics from 10am ’till 2pm. We’ll have two new ranges to show you and a few older ones on sale – hope to see you there!

Wow, well we hope today is as beautiful with you as it is here!  The sun is shining, tomorrow is Saturday, AND we're having another pop-up shop at the Marsden mechanics from 10am 'till 2pm.  We'll have two new ranges to show you and a few older ones on sale - hope to see you there!

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Amber’s Quilt

I was commissioned recently to make a quilt for a baby girl called Amber. She’s the first girl born in her family for several generations, so lots of pink was required. Pink, and Amber? It just so happened we had the perfect range in stock…

Amber's Quilt

This is a “disappearing nine-patch” quilt, a pattern which I love because it’s very simple, looks fairly complicated, and is great for showing off various sizes of print!  You start with 5″ squares and sew them into ordinary nine-patch blocks:

Nine-patch blocks

And then you take your rotary cutter and ruler and you SLICE THEM UP into quarters!

Disappearing nine-patch

It’s very satisfying, I must say. You can arrange your newly quartered blocks however you like (although I did make sure that all my donkeys were the same way) then stitch your blocks into rows, and then your rows together. I added a white border to frame it and some binding in Haystack, in fuschia. It came out rather well, don’t you think?

Amber's Quilt closeup

Customers who came to our last pop-up shop will know that these fabrics (the Madrona Road range) are now ON SALE, reduced from £12 per metre to £10! Sadly, they aren’t on our website at the moment, but check back later this week and you may find we have a big, big announcement for our online customers…

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We’re at it again!

Hurrah! Well, our last pop-up shop was such a success that we’re doing it all again already! If you missed us last time, or if you just fancy another gander at all the beautiful fabrics (wouldn’t blame you) we’ll be at the Marsden Mechanics Hall again this Thursday night, at the slightly earlier time of 5pm – 8pm. See you there!


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April 15, 2013 · 4:51 pm

Our first ever “pop-up shop”


For one night only, we have a shop! Everything we sell will be there, with all fabrics available from the bolt, plus bindings, haberdashery, and both Lucy and I on hand to give any advice you might want. It’s all very exciting!

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March 15, 2013 · 1:08 pm