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Is it really the end of July already?  And we haven’t updated this blog in over a month?!

BAD BLOGGERS.  BAD, BAD US.  Sorry chaps.

Of course, it’s not because we haven’t been doing anything, although I must say that recent spate of lovely hot weather blindsided me somewhat.  Amongst other things, I have been making a few quilts myself, one of which is currently in the window of our local toyshop in Marsden, The Magic Box.

You can see a photo here, where it’s waiting to keep a lovely fluffy teddybear’s knees warm, in case the sun goes behind a cloud…  hee hee!Image

It uses our “Out to Sea” range which is still on sale at our online shop, if you fancy making your own.

We’re also planning another pop-up shop in August, at the Marsden Mechanics Hall as usual.  If you want to keep up to date with our shops, we always announce them here on the blog, and on our Twitter feed, and on our Facebook page, and by email to everyone on our mailing list. (which you can join by dropping us a line at )

Not so much “belt and braces” as “belt, braces, several bits of string and some staples”, but we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out!  See you next time,



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Dress-up Days is finally here!

Oh my goodness we have been waiting a while to share this range with you.  But it’s finally here and it’s GORGEOUS!


headerDress-up Days is our first range from Riley Blake, featuring curly-haired little girls playing on their bicycles and splashing in puddles.  We’re carrying it in both Grape (purple to you and me) and Blue, and there are 5 co-ordinating fabrics for each colourway.  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make a simple strip-quilt to show off how simply sweet it is, but then I couldn’t stop, so I made cushions as well, and best of all, since I just happen to know a young lady with the most beautiful brown curly hair…


This is my friend Lois.  We showed her the fabric and she said at once, “That’s me!” so it seemed only fair she should have a little Dress-Up days dress.  I don’t like to toot my own horn too much but apparently she hasn’t taken it off since.  It’s the first dress I’d ever made so I’m rather proud she likes it so much.

You can find fat quarter bundles, a variety of cushions and even the quilt itself in our shop.  Sadly the dress and its model are not for sale.  😉


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Confessions of a Naughty Shopkeeper…

No, not THAT kind of confession – good gracious, what do you take us for – but still naughty nonetheless.

You see, I was making a display quilt to go in our shop, and I’d already decided on the design.  A simple set of charm pack squares featuring little mermaids and pirates, with a framing border using our blossom-pink chevron print to look like waves on the sea.

But when I came to cut it out…


…see that?  The direction of the pattern on the bolt?  And see the direction of the pattern on my sashing?  Yeah, that’s right.

To make sure the chevrons ran lengthways, instead of crossways, I had to cut A FULL METRE OF FABRIC.  But with that whole bolt in front of me, how could I resist?  You see, that’s why I’m a naughty shopkeeper.

But when it looks this good in situ…


…well, I can’t be too cross with myself.  And there’s a closeup here, too.  Hee hee!


(additional note: the charm packs are currently only available at The Emporium, Slaithwaite, but you can always contact us if you want to buy one mail order.  We’re hoping to revamp the online shop a bit in the new year so that it more accurately reflects our full range – sorry for the inconvenice.)

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new dress…..

As you’ll remember, I love this pattern by Emma Garry,

My beautiful flame haired niece just had a birthday and we had just the perfect fabric, a beautiful dusty pink with flame haired mermaids from the Out to Sea range by Michael Miller Fabrics.

Well it seems it made it safely half way round the world and look what a beautiful girl and dress we have now….


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We are open!


So all the running around, all the cutting, putting together and developing stock lists is done.  All the things that you would never have dreamed you needed to do until you needed to do it. All done!

We are in!

And tomorrow is the first day of the Slaithwaite Emporium open with our stock, so here’s a couple of pictures to whet your appetite, so see you there soon.



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upload by Material Goods

(Isn’t it pretty?  This fabric is from the Out to Sea range by Sarah Jane, for Michael Miller, and it’s called “My Favourite Ship“.  We also have it in navy and pink.)

SO!  The shop is stuffed full of fat quarters, clothes plasters and other goodies, and it’s time for us to start chopping up fabrics for charm packs.  A “charm pack” is a stack of pre-cut 5-inch squares.  Very handy for whipping up a quilt in a hurry!

But there is a downside to cutting out 5-inch squares on a fabric like this…



I think if I bought a charm pack with that square in, I’d be a little peeved.  And that would never do.  After all, Lucy & I only want to sell things we’d be happy to buy.

So instead, we’re going to take advantage of the fact that our charm packs are assembled by us, by hand – and there’s been some “fussy cutting” going on…


And these are the squares which will actually be used in the charm packs.  MUCH better, I think!  It’s all a learning process, it really is…


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Clothes Plasters and more!

The back of a child's denim jacket, decorated with a dozen iron-on clothes plasters


How fantastic are these?  They’re the latest item to go into the Haberdashery section of our online shop, and I’m just so excited about them I wanted to share!  Designed by children’s illustrator Jennie Maizels, they’re easily the nicest iron-on patches I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad we were able to stock them.

…did I mention our online shop is now live?  It is!  We aren’t quite in premises yet, and there are still a few things left to be added to the online shop – some gorgeous fat quarter bundles are next on the list – but all our current range of fabrics are available already, so why not go and have a look?

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