Amber’s Quilt

I was commissioned recently to make a quilt for a baby girl called Amber. She’s the first girl born in her family for several generations, so lots of pink was required. Pink, and Amber? It just so happened we had the perfect range in stock…

Amber's Quilt

This is a “disappearing nine-patch” quilt, a pattern which I love because it’s very simple, looks fairly complicated, and is great for showing off various sizes of print!  You start with 5″ squares and sew them into ordinary nine-patch blocks:

Nine-patch blocks

And then you take your rotary cutter and ruler and you SLICE THEM UP into quarters!

Disappearing nine-patch

It’s very satisfying, I must say. You can arrange your newly quartered blocks however you like (although I did make sure that all my donkeys were the same way) then stitch your blocks into rows, and then your rows together. I added a white border to frame it and some binding in Haystack, in fuschia. It came out rather well, don’t you think?

Amber's Quilt closeup

Customers who came to our last pop-up shop will know that these fabrics (the Madrona Road range) are now ON SALE, reduced from £12 per metre to £10! Sadly, they aren’t on our website at the moment, but check back later this week and you may find we have a big, big announcement for our online customers…


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