Charm Pack Cushion Cover Tutorial!

As promised, here is the tutorial at last – with photos!  This makes a cover for a cushion pad about 15″ square.  You’ll need:

16 x 5” squares of quilting-weight cotton fabric
1 Fat Quarter of quilting-weight cotton fabric
Cotton sewing thread(optional) 16” square of white cotton fabric
A sewing machine
An iron

First of all, BE WARNED!  This pattern uses a ½” seam allowance throughout!  If you’ve done any patchworking before, you’re probably used to using a ¼” seam, but for this we are using ½”, so that there’s plenty of security around the edges of the cover and the squares in the middle stay square.  I haven’t explained that very well but hopefully it’ll make sense once you get sewing…

Firstly, lay out your squares and decide how you’re going to arrange them.   When you have made your decision, begin sewing them together.


Place two squares right-sides-together and sew –  ½” seams, remember!  You need to be fairly strict about this to make sure the squares fit together neatly at the end.  Sew your squares together in rows, until you have four rows of four squares each.  Iron all your seams flat, ironing every other row’s seams in the opposite direction, like this:


img_2243This makes it vastly easier to get the corners of each square lining up nice and sharp once you sew your rows together, and reduces the bulk in each seam under your machine’s foot.


img_2244There see, look at that.  It’s not foolproof but it does make it much, much easier!

So now the front of your pillow is done.  Iron it again – it doesn’t matter which direction your longways seams go, so long as it’s all looking tidy and flat – and put it on one side.

For the back, trim the selvedge from your Fat Quarter and cut it into two rectangles, approximately 16” x 11”.


img_2246On the long side, fold and press a ¼” hem, then fold and press 3/4” again.  In co-ordinating colour thread, sew the hem closed.

Put your patchwork front right-side up on a table.  Lay the two back pieces over it, right sides down, and with their hemmed sides overlapping.  Make sure the fabric pattern on all your pieces is pointing in the right direction – on this fabric for example you wouldn’t want any upside-down donkeys.  Pin together.


img_2249Optional extra step: Put the 16” square of white cotton behind the patchwork before pinning the layers together.  In the photo above you can just see mine poking out under the squares.  Once the cushion cover is turned right-side-out, this will help protect the back of your patchwork as you stuff the pillow inside.

Sew all around the outside of the cover with a ½” seam.  You may also want to go around the outside of the seam with a zig-zag stitch to help prevent fraying.  Turn everything right-sides out, poke out the corners, and you are done!


img_2250Lovely!  This particular pillow uses fabrics from our Madrona Road charm packs and fat quarters, but if all the above looks too much like hard work (it’s not, it’s fun, honestly!) then this pillow itself is available in our Folksy shop right now.


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