Confessions of a Naughty Shopkeeper…

No, not THAT kind of confession – good gracious, what do you take us for – but still naughty nonetheless.

You see, I was making a display quilt to go in our shop, and I’d already decided on the design.  A simple set of charm pack squares featuring little mermaids and pirates, with a framing border using our blossom-pink chevron print to look like waves on the sea.

But when I came to cut it out…


…see that?  The direction of the pattern on the bolt?  And see the direction of the pattern on my sashing?  Yeah, that’s right.

To make sure the chevrons ran lengthways, instead of crossways, I had to cut A FULL METRE OF FABRIC.  But with that whole bolt in front of me, how could I resist?  You see, that’s why I’m a naughty shopkeeper.

But when it looks this good in situ…


…well, I can’t be too cross with myself.  And there’s a closeup here, too.  Hee hee!


(additional note: the charm packs are currently only available at The Emporium, Slaithwaite, but you can always contact us if you want to buy one mail order.  We’re hoping to revamp the online shop a bit in the new year so that it more accurately reflects our full range – sorry for the inconvenice.)


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