a craft bloggers error #1 (of many to come)

These days when I start making something I think to myself “keep the camera handy”, “remember to take pictures along the way”.  It is a bit alien to me, to be taking pictures of the back of fabric, the workings and the how I did it bit.  I just want to make the thing, it be perfect and then be able to show it off.  So this is all a bit of change of mindset for me.

So this week I decided that I would finally, and seeing as we are now using the chair from Isabel’s room in the shop, make the beanbag I have been promising her.

There seem to a be a real multiplicity of ways you can make beanbags, and they are all slightly different, I found this one online http://www.michaelmillerfabrics.com/Blog/bean_bag_chair.pdf.  It seemed straight forward and gave a really full look that I like.  The instructions are great, easy to follow and clear.

So I got on with it, and in the blink of an eye it was finished.  What this is error, i hear you cry?  Well with all my eagerness to get on, I did just that, here is a picture of some fabric,


and here is a picture of it finished.


On the plus side, she LOVES it!




Sorry I promise to do better next time and take more pictures!



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One response to “a craft bloggers error #1 (of many to come)

  1. OH ISABEL. You are just too gorgeous!!

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