It’s all coming together

As keen readers of this blog might know, we are already up and running at our online shop, but very, very soon we will also have a REAL shop!

…Or at least, a wee corner of one.

After an incredible amount of hard work from some very lovely and creative people, The Slaithwaite Emporium is finally opening its doors this Saturday 3rd November.  Our stock will be going into the shop the following week, so from that point onwards you’ll be able to come and stroke some of our real, actual fabrics!  We won’t always be available on the premises but both of us will be popping in regularly and more than happy to chat with any of you.  Goodness knows, both Lucy and I can both talk about fabric for an awfully long time.

Of course, it is possible that some of the fireworks being let off in the next week or so will have something to do with Guy Fawkes, but we’d like to think most of them are celebrating with us.  Hee hee!


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