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(Isn’t it pretty?  This fabric is from the Out to Sea range by Sarah Jane, for Michael Miller, and it’s called “My Favourite Ship“.  We also have it in navy and pink.)

SO!  The shop is stuffed full of fat quarters, clothes plasters and other goodies, and it’s time for us to start chopping up fabrics for charm packs.  A “charm pack” is a stack of pre-cut 5-inch squares.  Very handy for whipping up a quilt in a hurry!

But there is a downside to cutting out 5-inch squares on a fabric like this…



I think if I bought a charm pack with that square in, I’d be a little peeved.  And that would never do.  After all, Lucy & I only want to sell things we’d be happy to buy.

So instead, we’re going to take advantage of the fact that our charm packs are assembled by us, by hand – and there’s been some “fussy cutting” going on…


And these are the squares which will actually be used in the charm packs.  MUCH better, I think!  It’s all a learning process, it really is…



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2 responses to “Charming!

  1. Even though I know you will be coming into our shop next week and I can have your stock all to my own viewing pleasure- I seriously feel in my fabric gut that I need to buy this fabric NOW! haha oh dear, I can see were all my money will go…. xxx

  2. Ooh dear, well, I’m afraid I shan’t stop you! 😀

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