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Donkeys! by Material Goods
Donkeys!, a photo by Material Goods on Flickr.

Well, the first fabric order has arrived and after a stiff drink and a deep breath, we have begun chopping it up into the first few fat quarters.

Oh, it is lovely stuff. Even the patterns that don’t have sweet little donkeys on. Hee hee!

Madrona Road

These photos are of the “warm” colourway.  Are you getting excited yet?  We are!!


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Quilting with wool….

While we are waiting for our fantastic new fabrics to arrive, I am struggling to get motivated with any of my existing stuff, so I have decided to try and use up all the random bits and bobs of yarn that I have lying about the place.  I am knitting squares, 28 stitches by 36 rows.  They take about an evening each to do.

I have doing a mix of spots and stripes and they are all very random colours.  It is like quilting but with knitting.  Here are some pictures.

I’m not sure the colours are all going to work but it is going to be a lovely warm, if a little bright and clashing, blanket.  Who knows it might be done before winter….or maybe once our fabric arrives, it’ll get put to side for a while


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A summer sewing project

Summer seems an odd time to be quilting, with a lots of wadding, and all that ironing.  All a bit too hot, although to be fair this summer hasn’t been much to write home about.

I have missed sewing though and decided I needed a fix.  I bought this lovely pattern from Emma Garry last year and it was a great one evening project, with not too much faffing and great results. .  I made one last year for my niece and found the pattern so easy to use with lovely results.

So I set to and had produced this great little dress for my smallest daughter in no time at all.

The cross over back means no fastenings to put in, which is great and so much easier than battling to get her to stand still long enough to do up buttons.

Oh and Italy was very sunny, the dress was perfect!


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